Mi Drop is the file-sharing app that is used to send the files between the mobiles. There are much application that enable us to accomplish something like this but the interesting thing about Mi Drop lies in several features that make it hard to find. Mi Drop has been relaunched to Shareme, this is the new name and faster connectivity. Mi Drop works offline and it is surprisingly fast. The speed of Mi Drop files is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

To share the data between one and another mobile device will require both have installed the application of Mi Drop, and will not need to be connected to the Internet. With the help of this app, we can share the images, videos, music, application or other types of files. Mi Drop supports the multiple selections of the files which are useful to spend a lot of photos. Once click will go to find users of Mi Drop nearby. Mi Drop allows resetting. We can say that this latest technology will be used to detect the presence of the device. More than 200 million users are using it. It supports all android devices. And We can share the files without internet and mobile data, the highest speed goes up to 50M/s. We can share the file in one click. The latest version of this app is 1.28.17 which is published on 2020-01-14. This is available on the play store. This file-sharing app is compatible with all android devices but the minimum requirement of this file-sharing app is Android 4.4+.


  • It supports the transfer and shares all kinds of files.
  • We can share the files without the Internet.
  • MiDrop is an Intuitive and friendly UI.
  • We can share large files like photos, music, videos, app, documents, and other unlimited file sizes without limitation.
  • It supports multiple languages.

Apk Version:

The latest version of MiDrop app is 1.28.17 which supports the added an all-new scan page to search for devices while sending files and this version is published on 2020-01-20.